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Harald Zieger was raised behind the Iron Curtain in that part of Germany that was occupied by the Soviet Communist Forces at the end of World War 2. He was thoroughly indoctrinated with the communist ideology. He was a card-carrying member of the communist party when he graduated from high school. His belief system was scattered by the confrontation with GOD’s word when he met his wife, who was raised in a Christian home.

My Books

Freedom's Nightmare

“If I board the wrong train, it is of no use running along the corridor in the other direction.” – Dietrich Bonhoeffer What if I did not board the wrong train, but I had been thrown into it? What if it takes me years to realize that the train I’ve been thrown into by decisions of generations of ancestors is traveling in the wrong direction? What if I find out that all my strife to realize my dreams are null and void because Dietrich Bonhoeffer was right? What if my decision to leave that train is a dangerous, even deathly, fight, yet my desire overcomes the fear, and I jump? I jump into a fight for freedom. And against all odds, I win? At a cynical moment, I could think I experienced life in bondage which came about as a result of the mistakes and errors of previous generations. And how that bondage originated, I knew from studying history. Now, I can experience the way of a nation in bondage. What a unique opportunity. But only if I were cynical would I think that. Comparing my life environment – a country I lived in – to a train seems a little odd, but when one thinks about it, it is comparable. If you are on a train, the engineer controls the speed and the stops, and the rails determine the destination. The only influence for a passenger is to pull the emergency stop. Or jump off the train, which is very dangerous. That is the situation of living in a socialist or communist country. That was true for 32 years of my life. Interested?

Than Living On My Knees

In September, Egon Krenz, deputy chairman of the GDR State Council, was sent to Beijing to congratulate China’s political leadership on successfully suppressing the “counter-revolutionary uprising” personally and on behalf of the SED polite office. This is the historical background of the story of this book. The East German communists applauded the Chines Communist leaders for the brutal massacre and considered at the same time suppressing the increasing protests against their own corrupt clinging to power using military forces against their own people. But those who were ordered to use deadly force against 70,000 demonstraters deny the execution of the order, and the rest is history But it could have come differently. Based on that historical fact, the story develops the alternative. In the fictional development, the communist leaders install a new agency equipped with power outside of any law to cleanse the elite from corrupt members as a signal to the people that the new leadership is the solution. Do the people fall for it? How does this new agency get set up? How is it Organized? What people are chosen for the job? These questions will be answered in Part-1 of the book trilogy.

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